The working steps of the lighting custom manufacturer after receiving the order

by:Saintly     2021-06-05
The Saintly Lightingcustomization manufacturers require the following preparations:    1. The customer will send the customized engineering lamps to the Saintly Lightingcustomization manufacturers in the form of pictures or samples. For customary styles, even clear pictures downloaded from the Internet can be used. Complex styles may require professional design plans such as CAD, which can be discussed with the manufacturer;   2, the core elements of customized lamps: materials, sizes, shapes, light sources, controllers, wires and other related materials should be as specific as possible, and It is necessary to confirm with the customer one by one, otherwise there will be disputes;   3. If the quality and effect of many customized lamps are not sure, it can be confirmed by the method of making a sample, and it is not possible to repeat it once. The two sides negotiate the cost of the sample. That's it;   4, the appearance of lamps and lanterns is also part of the skills, the appearance of lamps and lanterns process: baking paint, spray paint, electroplating, etc. After confirming the process, you need to consider color selection. Common and uncommon colors are important elements for lighting customization;   5. Customized non-standard Saintly Lightingaccessories are also factors that affect the cost. High-quality, certified accessories, high temperature resistance, fire resistance , The performance of power failure prevention and other aspects will be better, the quality will be more stable, and the after-sales will be more labor-saving, but the cost will be relatively high.
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