There are six principles for choosing a lamp

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
The selection of lamps and lanterns occupies a very important position in the decoration. Choose a suitable non-standard custom-made engineering lamp, which not only brings light to the indoor space, but also brings a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. The following 6 tips will explain the criteria for choosing lamps and lanterns for you.  Concise guidelines   Saintly Lightingshould play a finishing touch in the room. Too messy shapes and too complicated patterns are not suitable for a concise design room.  Safety Guidelines  Be sure to choose lamps from regular manufacturers. Regular products are marked with a total load. According to the total load, you can determine how many wattage bulbs to use, especially for multi-head chandelier, that is: number of heads × wattage of each bulb u003d total load. Waterproof lamps should be used in other damp bathrooms and kitchens.  Function Guidelines  Different function rooms should be installed with different styles and Saintly Lightinglevels. The living room should use bright and splendid lamps; the bedroom should use lamps that make people lie on the bed without eye-catching; the children’s room should use brightly colored and varied style lamps; the bathroom should use concise waterproof lamps; the kitchen should be easy to choose Wipe and clean lamps; spotlights can also be selected in some areas where the needs are particularly high.  Harmony Guidelines  The lighting should be in harmony with the overall style of the room, while multiple lamps in the same room should maintain color harmony or style harmony. For example, rectangular balconies with wooden walls, wooden cabinets and wooden roofs are suitable for rectangular wooden lamps; rectangular halls with iron tables and iron pipe glass dining tables and chairs, suitable for rectangular iron pipe chandelier; golden cabinet door handles , The bedroom with golden spotlights is suitable for the lamp with golden decoration.  Convenience Guidelines  Most people have experienced the dilemma of replacing the bulbs of ceiling lamps: stepping on the table, stepping on the chair, bowing 90 degrees, and raising your arms to a ceiling that is 2.5 meters high or higher. When choosing a lamp, you must consider the convenience of replacing the bulb.  Energy-saving guidelines  Energy-saving bulbs are energy-saving, with good illuminance, and do not emit too much heat, suitable for multi-head lamps. Unik pointed out that most energy-saving bulbs are standard screw, and there are two types of chandelier, one is standard, which can use energy-saving bulbs; the other is standard right and wrong, energy-saving bulbs cannot be used. Pay attention to the selection: spotlights are mostly right or wrong energy-saving products.   When choosing lighting, pleasing to the eye is important, but don’t forget, safety and practicality are the best. Faced with so many diversified lighting decorations, you must not be dazzled!  
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