There are so many custom lamps and lanterns manufacturers, how to find a suitable partner?

by:Saintly     2021-06-04
Now that the economic conditions are good, people's requirements for life are also higher. When many people buy a new house, especially the house type of bungalows and villas, their decoration requirements are getting higher and higher, and even the lamps and lanterns in it will be required to be customized. For some buyers who are more professional or have relatively high quality requirements, they will not choose to entrust a decoration unit to customize the lamps, and generally choose to choose a custom lamp manufacturer by themselves. The problem is that many people do not understand the Saintly Lightingcustomization industry: there are so many lighting customization manufacturers, how to find the right partner is a big problem.
First, you must first understand the specific content of the lamps you want to customize
customization is also a very detailed industry. Many laymen look at the Saintly Lightingvery simple, but in fact, there are many details involved. When choosing a custom lamp manufacturer, you must do your homework in advance. For example, do you want the classic-style shell to be made of wood, or you should choose a more western style embellished with various crystal pendants, which is the traditional incandescent lamp? , Or choose energy-saving lamps, etc. These details must be determined in advance according to your own preferences and combined with the style of the house. Many people rush to the lighting customization manufacturer to place an order, and when the manufacturer consults its requirements, they don't know anything. This situation is very common.

Second, when choosing a custom lamp manufacturer, you must look at its qualifications
Many people think that it is cheap, and they think that customization of lamps is actually the same thing. Only raw materials and machines can be made. This kind of thinking can't be wrong. Lamps belong to a relatively special industry, and there are still many connections with people’s lives and health. The first thing to do when choosing customized lamps and lanterns is to understand the situation of the manufacturer, such as how many years it has been established and which products are manufactured. Does it have the relevant qualifications to produce lamps, how the brand is reflected in the market, and so on. If it is found that there are too many negative reports from a manufacturer through online inquiry, this kind of lighting customization manufacturer cannot cooperate. A good lamp is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but more importantly, it will have a better protective effect on the eyesight of yourself and your family.
Third, do not use price as the only reference standard
Many consumers do not understand when choosing customized lighting products, so the price has become the only criterion. Some people specifically choose the highest price, which they think is the best quality, while other people only choose the cheapest price, which is the most affordable in their eyes. In fact, you must learn more about the industry knowledge when adjusting the lamps, and the cost-effectiveness is the best reference standard.
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