There are ways to choose hotel lamps

by:Saintly     2021-05-28
The choice of hotel lamps in Guangdong must have its own way. If you are not optimistic, you may make your decoration effect not good, and it does not feel very ideal in the process of use. The choice of hotel lamps must be paid attention to. On the one hand, let’s take a look at what is worth considering.

There are ways to choose hotel lamps: if you don’t look good, you will lose. Source: Guangdong hotel lamps manufacturer

   1. How is the light?

   Among all kinds of hotels, the hotel Saintly Lightingbasically chooses LED lamps, which are basically small spotlights and small downlights. Such lamps are very effective in use, so in the process of use, basically the lamps The life expectancy is basically more than ten years. In fact, it can meet the requirements of a five-star hotel. Moreover, during the maintenance process of the hotel, the problematic aspect of the bulb is not involved at all. Generally speaking, the light is Milky white and bright white are the main colors. These two colors are the easiest to match with other hotel lights.

  2, flexible use

   During the use of hotel lamps, we need to see the positioning, that is to say, where the light source is fixed is very important. For example, is the lamp multifunctional and can be used on the ceiling? It can also be used on the surrounding street lamps. Such LED lamps are more convenient to use. If there is no such feature of flexible use, then the use of lamp products will have certain limitations.

  3, small details

   Generally speaking, there are many different ways in the styling of lamps and lanterns. We need to connect with the ceiling. Some of the close-combined decorations belong to wood decoration, and some belong to gypsum board, so no matter how we decorate, in terms of decoration All require flexible installation, and various installation skills need to be met in terms of design.

There are ways to choose hotel lamps: if you don’t look good, you will lose. Source: Guangdong hotel lamps manufacturer

   After reading these, do you think that choosing LED downlights and LED spotlights requires many considerations, the most important thing is to consider the Guangzhou lighting market. In the Saintly Lightingmarket in Guangzhou, there are a variety of these products, so when choosing products, we must choose those safe products, quality and safety guarantee is the best, basically in terms of product certification The warranty period of 2 to 3 years is very normal. Without this warranty period, many of them will not be able to meet our standards. Generally speaking, we will choose various combinations of hotel lighting. In addition to the various combinations of hotel lighting, the choice of hotel Saintly Lightingand artistic design are very important. If you want to choose a unique hotel lamp , May wish to choose safe, suitable and flexible lamps under the designer's introduction.
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