Tips teach you how to choose Guangdong hotel lighting manufacturers

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
Guangdong hotels seem to be very high-grade. There are many different hotels in Guangdong, with different styles and different feelings. So there are many differences in the choice of Guangdong hotel lights. People who are very professional in decoration know it. , The light selection is more attractive than the decoration effect.

   First of all, we need to pay attention to the selection method and idea. The first point is to see if the lamp is very practical. Some lamp products are not necessarily very practical and the light is particularly dark, and there is no What is a good effect? u200bu200bThis is the more important point. Sometimes when you choose the lamp, you don't have a good look at the shape and size of the lamp. After you come back and install it, it feels very inappropriate. Then we can take a look at ourselves in three ways and how to choose the right lamp.

Tips to teach you how to choose Guangdong hotel Saintly Lightingmanufacturers

   One. The first method is to choose the right size. When we choose the lamp, we have to cool the roof of the room. The roof of the room is not based on the perimeter, but the center of the ceiling. Mainly, the middle suspended ceiling is an oval shape, so that the lamp is placed in the middle, not occupying too much space, just expose the roof a little bit.

   Second, the second method is to see if we choose the right color of the lamp. Guangdong hotel Saintly Lightingmanufacturers have many different corresponding products. We must look at the main features of these products when we choose. . The size and color of the lights are different. We are now very popular in glass, acrylic, and crystal lights. The most important thing is the difference in color. If you want to To be crystal clear, we can choose crystal material, if we want a more fashionable European style, we can choose acrylic material, these colors are more changeable, and the design is also rich in layering.

   3. The most important thing to say is that it should be the most basic product safety problem of Guangdong hotel Saintly Lightingmanufacturers. Now many manufacturers say that they have fully met the quality standards, but sometimes we really want to take a look. Look at the corresponding certificate provided. The current manufacturer has the corresponding procedures. We can first see whether the manufacturer has the capital to provide safe products, so that we can know whether the product of the manufacturer we choose is suitable for ourselves.

Tips to teach you how to choose Guangdong hotel lighting manufacturers

   No matter how we choose lamp products, we all need to follow the above points. The most important thing is to choose safe products. The most important thing about safe products is after-sales service. Don't forget this.
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