Two major characteristics of hotel crystal lights can not be ignored

by:Saintly     2021-05-28
The development of the hotel industry is getting better and better. Any hotel is inseparable from hotel crystal lights. Ordinary lights are not suitable for hotels at all and can't achieve good results. The brightness of the professional hotel crystal lamp is also brighter, which can play a very good Saintly Lightingeffect. In addition to this, it also has two characteristics. On the one hand, it is feng shui stone, on the other hand, it is appreciation value. Let me talk about it in detail below.

One, Feng Shui Stone
Another name of the hotel crystal lamp is Feng Shui Stone, which also has a good Feng Shui advantage on a spiritual level. Feng shui is being valued by more and more people, and many people’s daily lives also put a lot of products to improve feng shui. It is also possible in some shops, which can improve Feng Shui. When the feng shui of a hotel is good, it can also be full of customers and the business is booming. Many people do not agree with it, and think it is feudal thinking. It's not that it is accurate at all times. The specific flow of people has a lot to do with the quality and service of this hotel. But more and more things have proved that these feng shui statements are not just imagined, and at the same time they will emit softer lights. This kind of light is not too irritating, it is better for the eyes, and will not hurt.

2. Appreciation value
Then it means that the hotel crystal lamp has a high appreciation value. No matter if it is the crystal lamp of the hotel, you will find that it is very beautiful. It looks like this when it is not turned on. The lights will also be colorful after turning on when needed, which is very stunning. Some of them will have patterns and unique features, which are amazing. This is a kind of crystal lamps in some hotels nowadays.
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