Types of home modern lighting and precautions for purchase

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
Lamps are indispensable for every household. The existence of lamps not only plays a role in lighting, but also an indispensable part of interior decoration. Lamps, like the sun and stars in the room, bring us light and warmth in the dark. At present, there are many kinds of lamps and lanterns on the market, so how to choose the lamps correctly? The following modern lighting will give you a detailed introduction to the relevant knowledge of lamp purchase. According to different functions, modern lighting is mainly divided into the following categories: chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. Chandeliers are mostly suitable for living rooms because of their rich, beautiful and elegant shapes and diverse styles. Commonly used are European-style chandelier, Chinese-style chandelier, all-copper chandelier, crystal chandelier, etc. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier, you must consider the height of the room and the indoor environment. The thickness of a qualified chandelier should be less than 1/3 of the large diameter of the chandelier. The ratio of the net height of the chandelier cover from the top to the thickness of the chandelier should be 1:1. The installation height of the chandelier should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground. Because the ceiling light takes up less space, the light is even and soft, and it is suitable for Saintly Lightingin bedrooms, kitchens and other places. Commonly used are square ceiling ceiling lights, round ceiling lights, small rectangular ceiling ceiling lights, and semi-spherical ceiling lights. At present, the ceiling lamps on the market are made of mahogany, glass, plastic and other materials, and the specific style should be determined according to your own hobbies. The ceiling lamp can be directly installed on the ceiling, easy to install, simple and generous style, giving the space a clear and bright feeling. Wall lamps are suitable for bedroom and bathroom lighting. Commonly used are single head wall lamp, double head wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp and so on. The choice of wall lamp mainly depends on the structure and shape. At present, the high-end wall lamps on the market include all-copper wall lamps and iron forged wall lamps. The installation height of the wall lamp, the bulb should not be less than 1.8 meters from the ground. Precautions for modern lighting purchase and selection 1. Pay attention to the coordination of colors; 2. Avoid glare and eliminate eye fatigue; 3. Reasonable distribution of light sources: bright ceiling light makes people feel the space is enlarged, and the ceiling light is dim, making people feel that the space is small. Depression; 4. The illumination direction of the light and the intensity of the light should be appropriate; 5. The arrangement of the light should be consistent with the height of the ceiling, the size of the room, and the environment. Generally between 50 and 150 Lux; 6. Reduce the lighting level to save energy and extend the life of the bulb; 7. Enrich the atmosphere of the room (influence people's psychological activities); 8. Change the light intensity to adapt to various activities to achieve Realize multiple scenarios in one room.
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