Villa lighting knowledge

by:Saintly     2021-06-11
A villa is a symbol of high-end people, symbolizing a person's identity and status, and owning a villa is also a dream of many people. Villa means noble, gorgeous, and elegant. As a highlight of home design, lighting is both ornamental and practical. It is becoming more and more important in the decoration of villas. A space can create different atmospheres through the effect of lighting. The clever layout of the small lights can make the space bigger. How to make the lighting set off the indoor atmosphere and create a relaxing and pleasant environment requires skill. Today I will share with you the knowledge of home lighting, useful and remember to collect it.

Principle 1: The indoor lighting of the villa must first conform to the theme of the villa design. The main light is best to see the light, not the light source. Because the light source is exposed to the outside, it is easy to absorb dust, and too strong light can make people feel dizzy.

Principle 2: General Saintly Lightingis required at the entrance of the hallway. If there are green plants, paintings, alcoves and other decorative objects, accent lighting can be used to create a lively space. If the light source is installed under the shoe cabinet, it can illuminate the ground very brightly, but if the ground is shiny, it will not look good due to reflection.

Principle 3: The Saintly Lightingin the living room needs to be gorgeous and elegant. Once you walk in from the hallway, it is the living room. The living room can be said to be the face of the owner. Generally, the living room is a crystal chandelier, and auxiliary lighting is essential. It is a floor lamp that shines in a corner of the living room and becomes a landscape.

Principle 4: Corridors and stairs. In order to achieve the guiding effect of reaching each room smoothly, avoid the use of lighting fixtures that hinder movement. Some corridors are narrow, and some are wider. If you use wall lights, pay attention to the degree of protrusion. Downlights are often used in long corridors to produce regular light and shadow on the wall, and the guiding effect will be better. Where there are stairs, safety lighting is required due to the height difference of the stairs. Especially when going down the stairs, be careful not to fall into the air, so use lamps that do not produce glare. It cannot be installed where the tread is in shadow. The lighting of the corridors and stairs should use three-way switches, and can be controlled in two positions.

Principle 5: Toilet and bathroom. Clean and tidy is the basic principle of the bathroom and bathroom. The bathroom Saintly Lightinguses soft light, and the bathroom is also the wettest place, and try to use anti-fog products, which are waterproof. If you want to make the bathroom look more spacious, you can use cool-toned lamps, spotlights and downlights to maximize the smooth and shiny surface texture of the bathroom floor.

Principle 6: The bedroom is a private space. It is also a place to rest. The choice of lamps should be simple and warm, giving people a quiet and leisurely feeling. Avoid using strong lights and dazzling lamps, and avoid using red lights. Red lights will make you feel restless and not conducive to sleep.
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