What are the basic procedures for custom-made lamps?

by:Saintly     2021-06-05
For some high-end venues, such as hotels or various entertainment venues, there are actually certain requirements for lamps during the renovation. Whether it is the overall Saintly Lightingeffect or the atmosphere that can be presented, sometimes it may be difficult for everyone to choose a suitable product on the market. Therefore, its realization and customization of lamps are more popular nowadays. Of course, many friends also had certain problems during the period. So, what is the basic process of custom-made lamps?

Select the right manufacturer
For the process of custom lighting, the first thing to do is to select a suitable manufacturer. You need to understand the overall situation from multiple aspects. For example, the qualification of the manufacturer, this is also the basic condition, so that we can have basic trust in the process of cooperation between the two parties; the second is the experience of the manufacturer, the experience of designing various products, and the overall quality and design style. The style you want can fit; of course, in fact, the other party's service is also a point that cannot be ignored, which is also a direction that reflects the professionalism of the other party.

Measure the size to complete the design
After confirming the manufacturer, the later period is about the overall custom design of lamps and lanterns, and the designer needs to measure the size. In this way, the appropriate Saintly Lightingstyle can be determined according to the overall area and various aspects of the decoration style.

Determine the selection and style
After the selection of Saintly Lightingmaterials and the overall style have been determined, it will enter the later formal custom-made work. Generally speaking, in fact, the process of each link is very critical, whether it is to select a manufacturer or determine the design style.
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