What are the common styles of stair chandeliers?

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
For some villas or houses with a relatively large area, there are usually stairs. Of course, the choice of lamps and lanterns is also very important during the whole house decoration process. For example, the staircase chandelier we are discussing today also has a variety of different styles. The period is also defined by combining the material of the lamp or the decoration style. And in order to let everyone have a simple understanding of the types, let's summarize and see, what are the common styles of stair chandeliers? I hope that after our introduction, you can also have some reference directions when shopping!

European retro style
Regarding the style of chandelier, the first common one is the European retro style. The overall shape is actually somewhat similar to that of a candlestick. The inspiration for the design actually comes from the main Saintly Lightingtool, candles. Of course, when you choose, you must also combine the decoration of your own house.

Chinese style chandelier
This style of chandelier is also classical in appearance, and the style is generous and neat. Of course, the overall stylization is actually quite obvious. For example, in some Chinese-style decoration villas, you often see this type of chandelier, which is actually related to everyone's personal aesthetic preferences.

Crystal Chandelier Style
This is actually a relatively common style of chandelier, mainly made by imitating crystal. Of course, everyone in the market should also pay attention to screening in many aspects when choosing. Relatively speaking, the overall style and style design can also show a variety of different feelings.

The above are some of the styles we introduced for the staircase chandeliers.
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