What are the most common fashionable chandeliers

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
1. Paper lantern/sepak takraw lamp: This style of chandelier is suitable for minimalist or pastoral style homes. It is a good choice for those with low budgets. It can be used in a wide range. In addition to toilets and kitchens, bedrooms and guest dining rooms can be designed. It can be changed at any time if it is dirty for a long time. Although it is cheap, the material is also beautiful, soft and textured, and has a warm feeling of home. 2. Industrial plant chandelier: Industrial style is suitable for rough alternative art, exposed wires and pipelines, grainy walls, the large enamel iron cover of the former red brick factory building, including the factory chandelier, are all representative elements of the industrial style. 3. Fan chandelier: Fan chandelier is common in American home style. It is a piece of furniture that has two functions. It can both blow and illuminate. It is worth noting that fan chandelier and coffee table must be matched. Dark Saintly Lightingis matched with dark coffee table. 4. Transparent glass chandelier: transparent glass chandelier is rarely seen in general home design, so if it is used in home decoration, it will become a bright spot. A single chandelier has its own style, and the group appears more dazzling. If it is irregular The styling immediately improved his aesthetic level and taste. 5. Cage chandelier: This kind of lamp has a light bulb inside and a hollow metal frame outside. The large one is suitable for living room decoration design, while the small one can be placed in the dining room or work area. The diamond shape is a more common style, and other geometric shapes can also be selected; It can be a single one or a group of 2-3. The color is preferably gold and black. 6. Multi-head chandelier: This kind of lighting is suitable for large apartments or double floors. The open area can highlight the beauty and brightness of the lighting. If it is a small apartment, but you like it, it is recommended to choose a horizontal split or flat type.
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