What details should be paid attention to when choosing lamps and lanterns?

by:Saintly     2021-06-05
In the past, because of the difficulties in life, I was not very picky about the things used in the house, and I didn’t pay attention to details. If you can use it, you can get by. People nowadays are very different from those before. People nowadays pay more and more attention to things. The most direct manifestation of your own quality of life is in the decoration. When it comes to decoration, lamps are considered a big piece inside. Then, if you want to customize lamps, what details should you pay attention to when choosing lamps?

First look at the quality of custom lamps
In addition to the benefits, the quality of the products must of course be valued when buying things. Naturally the same is true for custom lamps. Therefore, when choosing custom-made lamps, be sure to choose a few custom-made lamps for comparison. If you are not in a hurry, you can ask friends who know more about lamps to go to the custom-made lamps shop to see for yourself and experience in the store. Check whether the quality of the product meets your own requirements, don't blindly choose a lighting store to customize it at will. The quality of custom lamps is the most basic threshold. If a custom lamp shop has quality problems, it must not be greedy to buy cheaply, otherwise the future use of lamps will cause a lot of trouble.

Next look at the style of custom lamps
The reason for customizing lamps, I believe that many people are not satisfied with the styles of lamps sold in lamp stores, otherwise it will not be too troublesome to customize lamps. Therefore, when choosing a custom-made lamp, you must be firm in the style of the lamp you choose. Also, you must fully understand the fashion trend of the lamp, combine this trend with your own ideas, and pay attention to the practical effect and color matching of the lamp. Afterwards, you can ask the lighting designer to draft a lighting pattern, and then consult with the designer to modify it after seeing the effect, and then ask the lighting factory to manufacture it until the style is satisfied.

Finally, we still have to consider the price
Customized lighting is definitely more expensive than buying lighting directly. After all, customized lighting is designed by Saintly Lightingdesigner and is quite unique. It will not be cheap for this kind of creativity. At this time, you have to choose according to your own economic situation. If the economic conditions are average, you can find a general lighting customization store for customization; if it is a higher level of consumption, you can seek a high-end lighting customization company to do more. Professional customization.
In short, there are a lot of details to pay attention to when choosing a custom lamp, and it takes a certain amount of time and money. If you invest enough money and time and pay enough attention, the custom lamp will also satisfy you!
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