What factors affect the price of custom lamps?

by:Saintly     2021-06-09
Engineering custom lamps are customized according to the customer's space and location to be installed. They are different from conventional sizes and materials. Special conditions require special processing, so the price is expensive. Why are custom lamps that are the same in all respects more expensive than conventional lamps? This is something that many customers don't understand. Answer your doubts.   There are certain standards for the customization of engineering lamps. 1. After the customer sends the customized engineering lamp to the customized manufacturer in the form of pictures or CAD drawings, the customized engineering lamp manufacturer should consider whether each part of the lamp is common in the market. If not, it needs to open the mold through the mold company. Increase the price of custom lamps, because a new model ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands.  2. The material of the lamp is iron, aluminum, stainless steel, or all copper. The thickness of the material used is also an important part of the price. The difference in material and quality and thickness are both an important factor to add price.  3. The difficulty of Saintly Lightinghardware manufacturing is also part of the consideration. Engineering customization manufacturers are not unable to process all the accessories themselves, and some have to be shipped out. With the substantial increase in labor costs, the more difficult the modeling, the higher the cost.  4. Surface treatment skills are also part of it. It is baking paint, spray painting, or electroplating. After confirming the process, you still need to consider color selection. Common and uncommon colors are important elements for Saintly Lightingcustomization.  5. The number of customized lamps is also a key factor. The more the number, the lower the overall cost, which will lower the price of the entire project as a whole.  6. u200bu200bThe accessories used in custom lamps are also the key to increase the cost. The accessories are of good quality, have certification marks, can withstand long-term opening conditions, high temperature resistance, fire resistance, and power failure are all assessment standards. So as to increase the material cost.  7. In order to better manufacture lamps that satisfy customers, the time taken is within one month. Whether you have a set or a large quantity, the relatively large quantity takes shorter time. During the period, the labor cost, etc. will be transferred to the customer.   The above are several important factors in determining the price of customized engineering lamps. I hope it will help you understand the price of customized engineering lamps.  
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