What is custom-made non-standard lamps? What are the custom lamps and lanterns process?

by:Saintly     2021-06-12
Lamps are used as decorative and practical consumer goods. When choosing lamps, on the one hand, people choose lamps according to their own tastes, and on the other hand, they also need to conform to the overall house style. Choosing customized Saintly Lightingcan also meet these two points. For example, in high-end hotels, restaurants, real estate model rooms, or hotels, etc., you will choose customized Saintly Lightingto meet the overall layout and your own needs. So what is custom-made non-standard lamps and what are the procedures for custom-made lamps?

What do non-standard lamps and lanterns do?
To put it simply, non-standard means non-standard size. According to the unique size requirements, choose the style you like to complete the custom-made lamps. Maintain the original quality of the product, customize the lamps according to the size, change the height and width of the lamp style, etc. Nowadays, tailor-made may be a word we often hear. The clothes we wear can be customized. Nowadays, custom home decoration is also the choice of many friends, but there will definitely be many more during this period. doubt.

What are the skills of custom lamps?
Many friends like to follow the designer's plan when customizing lamps. Both the style and the overall lighting effect are important factors to consider. There are also skills when customizing lamps. First, it is about the selection of radiators. It is related to the overall Saintly Lightingeffect and use time limit, so the size and material of the radiator are very important; secondly, the size and material of the radiator are very important. The power supply also needs to be checked. If there is a good power supply, it will be beneficial to the subsequent brightness and use; the last point is that everyone can pay attention to the brand when choosing, and there is a guarantee for the relative quality.

What are the procedures for custom lighting?
When you are customizing lamps, you must first have a good communication with the designer, your preferences for the style of the lamp, and style, etc., so that the designer will have a basic understanding and design direction; secondly, Generally, designers will take you to see customized samples of lamps and analyze them from the current fashion and some craftsmanship made, so that the two sides have a better communication, and there will be roughly a design plan; customized lamp size Measurement is naturally important. The designer will come to measure the size, determine the installation location and match with the overall home. After this, the designer will give a detailed plan and communicate again to achieve the desired effect; the last step is also very critical. For the selection of lamp materials and the subsequent work, it is also necessary to carefully discuss the details with the manufacturer.
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