What is the custom crystal lamp process?

by:Saintly     2021-06-09
Crystal chandelier, if you want to show your personality, you can also come with a customized Saintly Lightingof your own. The shape, material, craftsmanship, light source, etc., can be matched according to your hobbies, and provide you with exclusive customized services!

Generally, there are the following types of lamps installed, but it depends on what style you like, 1. Traditional citrine lamp (the price is relatively high, it is not convenient to clean, looks atmospheric, high-end); 2. Modern and simple Style lamp (simple installation, simple maintenance, medium price, simple and refreshing); 3. Flat low-voltage crystal lamp (different from traditional crystal lamps, there can be three groups of lamps remotely controlled, which can be used as Saintly Lightingand decoration, It is the most popular choice of post-80s and 90s now, the price is medium, the effect is similar to traditional crystal); European crystal lamp (not for lighting, only for decoration, high-end effect, atmospheric, medium price); aluminum ceiling lamp (can be used as Lighting, the effect is simple, refreshing, and the price is medium); some people use ordinary ceiling lights. Hope it helps you.
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