What is the difference between ordinary lighting and modern lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
In the past, when people chose lighting, they often paid attention to the lighting effect of the lighting. Nowadays, when people choose lighting, they not only pay much attention to the Saintly Lightingeffect of the lighting, but also pay attention to its appearance. Modern lighting design generally starts with the lighting effect, adopts computer-aided design, calculates the illuminance and light distribution curve of the lighting place, and then carries out the structural design. On the premise, the appearance is as beautiful, comfortable and durable as possible. First of all, modern lighting is more fashionable and elegant than ordinary lighting. Our more common modern Saintly Lightingdecorations mainly include large-scale high-end chandeliers, crystal table lamps, white lotus lamps, magic mirror lamps, etc., all of which bring us every feeling. Nowadays, people's work and life pressure are relatively high, so people generally have the psychology of returning to the basics and advocating nature. In order to cater to people's psychology, modern lighting combines art and practicality, such as plum blossom wall lamp, fish tail table lamp, peach lamp and other modeling lamps, using various wooden art sculptures, no less than real crafts. The material of the lampshade is widely used in paper, wood, and gauze. The outside is carved with patterns such as Chang'e flying to the moon and fairy descending to the earth. There are many advantages of modern lighting, one of the big advantages is that it is very environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and fully meets the requirements of modern people for low-carbon life. Modern lighting uses high-tech. Although the power of home lighting brands is low, the amount of light is much higher than that of incandescent lamps of the same power, such as energy-saving lamps. The widespread use of new energy-saving bulbs has become the mainstream technology of modern lighting products. According to the style, it is divided into: modern style and classical style. Now a new term popular in the industry is called: postmodern. It is a new style evolved from modern style. It is very modern and strong, but it is essential to the previous modern The difference. Divided by global regions: mainly Chinese style, European style (Northern Europe and Western Europe). Canadian style, Middle Eastern style. Korean style. To distinguish various styles, you need to understand and feel yourself. According to the types of lamps, there are: chandelier ( Full hanging and half hanging), floor lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and downlights belong to the field of commercial lighting. But they also have a certain decorative and ornamental properties, which will also be divided into lighting here. According to the scene Indoor and outdoor. The above mentioned are indoor decorative lighting. Outdoors such as street lights, landscape lights, etc. According to the material, there are: crystal, marble, glass, copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel, acrylic (Plastic and plastic) This only refers to the material used in the main body. These materials are shared when designing and manufacturing.
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