What is the key to the customization of Zhongshan engineering lamps

by:Saintly     2021-06-07
I don’t want to have lamps that look exactly like others. At present, there are customized lighting services. Many brands provide customized lighting. What is the key to Saintly Lightingcustomization? When customizing lighting, it is not to be done randomly, but to grasp the skills and have the right What are the lighting customization skills to better complete the customization work?   1. What are the key to lighting customization? 1. When Saintly Lightingcustomization, customers and planners need to be fully touched and communicated. The owner should tell the planner about his preferences. In this way, the planner will draw up a reasonable lighting customization plan based on the actual situation of the room.  2. If necessary, the planner can take the customer to visit the customized sample exhibition hall of the lamp, and then investigate the production process of the lamp, and communicate with consumers about the prevailing trend. After the communication, the planner has a general understanding of the customer's needs, and then he can recognize the start plan of the lighting customization, and ask the customer to acknowledge it after the planning is completed.  3. The planner will come to measure the practical orientation and scale of the lamps, such as the installation position and placement of the lamps, etc. The planner will measure the position of the lamps from a multi-directional perspective, and make accurate calculations. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the matching of custom-made lamps and lamps with surrounding furniture, decorations or pendants, and the changes in color matching and visual changes.  4. The planner can draw a plan that meets the requirements based on the results of on-site practical measurement, and then communicate with the customer for the initial plan. If there is unsatisfactory local demand, we can find the customer to communicate and deal with.  5. In the process of lighting customization, the manufacturer and the customer should discuss the appearance, raw materials and other issues. After the customization is completed, the manufacturer will ask the customer to inspect it on site.  Second, what are the lighting customization skills    First, before the lighting is customized, the radiator used for this kind of lighting must be selected. The lighting function of the whole lamp and its service life have a great influence on the heat dissipation speed of its lamp beads. If the brightness is relatively poor, the lighting effect is not ideal. At present, the lamps and lanterns planned by the main stream use the overall heat dissipation method, the use of a single lamp bead and the external fan for heat dissipation. In addition, the size of its radiator and the quality of the planned raw materials will affect the heat dissipation.  Secondly, when we customize the lamps, we also need to check the power supply of the lamps. The quality of this component also has a great influence on the overall life of the lamp. If the power supply is good, it also has a decisive effect on the use time of the lamp beads. If the power supply is not good, the brightness of the lamp will also be affected. It won't light up.   Third, before choosing a ceiling lamp, you still need to understand some of its brands. Good brands often have good quality of lamp beads, which can also bring good lighting effects. Therefore, when we are customizing lamps, we should not be greedy to choose the cheap ones. It is better to choose the big brands in Europe and America. The lamps produced are guaranteed in craftsmanship.  What is the key to customization of lamps? When you customize lamps, you can see what key you can grasp, so as to avoid the lamps made by customized methods and you still don't like them. What are the Saintly Lightingcustomization skills? There are many skills, the key is that you can thoroughly grasp it, so I remind the industry to keep learning.  
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