What is the lighting of the restaurant?

by:Saintly     2021-05-27
1. Table lighting provides accent lighting   Now more and more restaurants will choose to set down chandelier above the table. The lighting setting in the store has left a more profound image. The table top of each table uses a metal chandelier to highlight the table top and accentuate the lighting of the table. Relatively speaking, the surrounding environment is relatively dim. Therefore, the Saintly Lightinggathered on the table invisibly divides the space area, making it for the customers of each table. Private dining environment.  2, the color of the lighting determines the tonality of the restaurant   what color is better for the indoor lighting. This question should be answered according to the tone and positioning of the restaurant brand. Here, the color of the light is used to help the restaurant to mobilize the mood and dining atmosphere of the customers. For example, in a western restaurant, in order to create a sense of severe cold technology, the lighting is white, matched with the main color of the space, turquoise and metal elements, and the effect comes out.  3. Dividing space by contrast between light and dark, true and false    Using light and dark, true and false to separate space, is a good way to save space in many small and beautiful restaurants, perhaps with dense seating. The advantage of using lights to separate the space is that it eliminates the constriction caused by physical barriers, saves decoration costs, and is easy to adjust and change flexibly. 4. Reasonable setting of light source The lobby where the table heights in the western restaurant can not adopt more scattered light sources, because too many light sources will make the tables too dazzling. Even customers who dine in the lobby do not expect to have their own The dining table has become the focus of the world's attention. In order to enable customers to dine in an environment full of privacy, the lighting in the lobby must not be too scattered.  
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