What is the main difference between modern minimalist lighting and restaurant lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-02
The focus of restaurant lighting is the dining table. Whether modern lighting is reasonable or not directly affects people's appetite. Therefore, in addition to the overall lighting decoration, there must be some lighting, such as chandeliers and ceiling lights. Use down-illuminated incandescent lamps with good color rendering. The food is illuminated during the meal, which can increase appetite and taste. The installation height of the chandelier above the table is generally 0.8m-1.2m from the table top, and the table top illuminance should be 3-5 times higher than the surrounding environment illuminance. 1. The overall advantage of modern lamps and lanterns is reflected in the appearance. Products that are novel in appearance and can keep up with the times can have an advantage in circulation in the market, but this has also led to enterprises to increase investment in this area. The products are updated and updated, and modern lamps that are more in line with the current popularity are introduced;   2. It is a trend to integrate modern lighting and furniture design. More and more designers are showing great interest in the overall design of furniture and lamps. Therefore, the design and sales of modern lamps and lanterns can be bundled with furniture design and sales;   3, home lighting brands are not only for Saintly Lightingneeds, but also to demonstrate the artistic charm of individuality. At this point, the development of modern lamps and e-commerce is not In agreement, in the future, modern lamps and lanterns will enter mass households more through e-commerce platforms; a product does not have a unified national standard, and there is no complete corporate standard, which means that its production is 'no standard at allIt is also 'no standard to follow.' Whether the quality is good or inferior, there is no clear basis. Producers can act arbitrarily, but supervisors have nowhere to exert their power.  The style of modern and simple Saintly Lightingshould be coordinated with the home design. The style of lighting should be selected in line with the overall home design style. Of course, a good choice of lighting can also help luck. For example, classical lighting, with classical charm, simplicity and connotation, plays a role as a town house, and can help the owner's career; fashionable lighting with novel design and modern sense can help people progress. The role of accelerating money. The crystal lighting is elegant and luxurious, and the stars are dazzling, which can play a role in prospering wealth and increasing the aura of Wang's home.
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