What is the size of common floor lamps and what types of floor lamps are there?

by:Saintly     2021-06-07
Many people put a floor lamp in their homes. This is a movable lamp. The photos they have are equally good, but they can be large or small. Floor lamps are now used more in home decoration. They are generally used in some places such as living rooms or bedrooms. They can be used with coffee tables and sofas. This can meet the local Saintly Lightingof the room and also have good decorative effects. What are the common floor lamp sizes? Small floor lamp, its size is generally between 10.8-14cm or 13.8-15.2cm in height, and the diameter of the lampshade is 25-45cm, usually 60 watt or 75 watt, 100 watt incandescent bulbs are used. It is suitable for guest rooms, bedrooms and other places. 2. Medium-sized floor lamp, its size is generally 14-17cm in height, and the diameter of the lampshade is 30-45cm, which is suitable for restrooms and workplaces. 3. A large floor lamp, its size is generally 15.2-18.5cm in height, and the diameter of the lampshade is 40-50cm. It is generally a 100-watt incandescent bulb, suitable for home improvement living rooms and company halls. Types of floor lamps 1. Top-illuminated floor lamps This floor lamp has a good lighting effect, so the ceiling decoration should mainly be light-colored, such as white. In addition, in the choice of ceiling decoration materials, it is recommended to choose products with reflective effects. The overall lighting effect will be better, and the Saintly Lightingrange will be larger. 2. Direct-illuminated floor lamp This kind of floor lamp, its light will diffuse down from the top surface of the ceiling, which will form the effect of light concentration, and the local lighting effect is more prominent. If you want to talk about it, The scope of influence is relatively small, and the light is relatively soft, which can make the visual effect more comfortable and make people feel more relaxed. It is especially suitable for modern and simple styles.
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