What is the strength of the non-standard engineering lighting industry

by:Saintly     2021-05-27
Conceptual design is an important way for lighting manufacturers to develop. Without the idea, there will be no unique characteristics of the enterprise, and it will be difficult to form the core competitiveness, and it will be trapped in the fierce competition of homogeneity. In the ancient town of Zhongshan, there are many innovative lighting companies whose experience is worthy of attention. It is very effective in the field of non-standard engineering lights, and explores the way of enterprise differentiation.  Into the international of non-standard engineering lights   These non-standard engineering lights have right or wrong standards, but different sizes, different materials, different colors, and different crafts can be customized according to customer needs. These lights are mostly used in projects such as hotel clubs. Products are tailor-made for customers to compensate for the differentiated needs of characteristic customers. The    Saintly Lightingexhibits have conceived shapes and different sizes, ranging from super large, medium and small. These lights are all custom-made by customers. We have produced a set of displays here, and there are many lights, which we did not display, are all made according to customer requirements. '   Differentiation is very important in all industries. As a lighting industry with serious homogeneity, differentiation is even related to the livelihood of the company. When the lighting companies are looking for their own differentiation, the lighting is focused on non-standard and special-shaped lamps. There is a difference.    However, why do lightings focus on non-standard shaped lights? Undoubtedly, non-standard shaped lights are more difficult to make than standard lighting, and it is difficult to order large quantities in one style. doing this is not self-determining. Are you bitter?    When it comes to these topics, 'We do what is difficult, and do what others cannot do. This is our characteristic. Because of this advantage, we have won the love of our customers. 'He also said that there are few companies doing this kind of lamps in Guzhen, and we have accumulated rich experience in this area, so we focus on this, and strive to use this as a corporate differentiation and make corporate characteristics. And strength.   The application scale of non-standard engineering lights is limited, but in this particular category, some large lighting companies may not be able to do well due to the constraints of scale production, and are well received by customers.  non-standard special-shaped lights After years of development, non-standard engineering lights have become quite competitive in domestic shopping malls.    Every non-standard engineering light must be carefully considered by the designer and made according to the requirements of the customer. In fact, this is also proposed to technical workers It meets strict requirements. In this way, even if it is difficult to make lights, it is easy to do.    'In the field of engineering, we can do everything. Of course, this sentence does not mean that the production capacity of skilled workers can reach every kind of lighting, but at least it means that they can make many lights and there are more market opportunities waiting for them. The development of non-standard engineering lights in recent years also illustrates this point.  
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