What issues should be paid attention to when custom-made crystal chandelier?

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
Now with the increase in the demand for various furniture customization, more people have gradually begun to pay attention to the content during this period. For example, the demand for lamps is actually very large, and everyone actually hopes to achieve the Saintly Lightingeffect that they are satisfied with, and on this basis, to be able to present a certain style and characteristic. So, what issues should be paid attention to regarding custom-made crystal chandelier? I hope that after our introduction, I can be of some help to everyone during the period!

How to choose a manufacturer
In fact, there will be some common problems during the custom-made crystal chandelier. Now there are many custom-made manufacturers, so everyone should compare with each other in Xuhui to find a suitable manufacturer. First of all, the point to be considered is the overall design style. In fact, designers communicate with each other so that they can intuitively understand each other’s experience and the style of products presented in the past; in addition, the material and quality of the product are also A very critical point, the period is directly related to the service life and effect of the lamp.

Be careful in the customization process
What we introduced earlier is mainly about the selection of custom manufacturers. In addition, there are many things to pay attention to during the customization process. First of all, everyone must be clear about their own needs, which is actually very important in communicating with designers. For example, for home decoration, the demand for lamps during the period is to be able to combine the home decoration style, energy conservation and environmental protection cannot be ignored; For occasions like ktv, there are unique requirements for the brightness of the Saintly Lightingand the overall atmosphere.

The above is about the custom-made crystal chandelier, we briefly introduced some of the content.
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