What issues should be paid attention to when custom-made lamps?

by:Saintly     2021-06-05
Nowadays, whether it is some hotels, ktv or some residential decorations, everyone is gradually inclined to custom-made furniture. From the perspective of lamps and lanterns, it is a very common choice. Everyone adopts custom-made presumptuous. On the one hand, they can complete the style design according to their own needs, so that they can also present a certain style; on the other hand, everyone is concerned about the overall The selection of materials can also be intuitively understood. So, for the content of this, let's take a look at it in detail below. What issues should be paid attention to when custom-made lamps?

Specific layout of lamps and lanterns
Regarding the customization of lamps, generally speaking, everyone must have their own requirements in styles. On this basis, compared with some traditional lamps, when the appearance changes, then in the process of completing the customization , The same thing that should be paid attention to is the later installation and the layout of the space, which is also a very critical point. For example, some friends hope to highlight the interior decoration environment in the design, which actually has certain requirements for the atmosphere and effect of the light source. Therefore, the communication with the designer during the period is particularly critical.

What is the effect you want to show
For the customization of lamps and lanterns, in addition to the layout and installation aspects that we emphasized above, in fact, in this process, everyone also needs to consider what effect they want to present. For example, ktv lamps and lanterns, such entertainment venues, the atmosphere is a key point. In the overall Saintly Lightingpattern and environment, it is necessary to adopt a reasonable design to create an overall atmosphere and achieve the desired effect.

Generally speaking, in the process of custom-made lamps, whether it is the communication of the designer or the understanding of one's own needs, it is very important.
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