What kind of crystal lamp to customize in the hotel lobby?

by:Saintly     2021-05-29
What kind of crystal lamp to customize in the hotel lobby?

Whether a hotel is atmospheric or not, the first thing that customers see is the exterior decoration of the hotel floor, and then the Saintly Lightingused in the hotel, especially the hotel lobby atrium crystal lamp is particularly important, the hotel lobby crystal lamp customization The choice directly affects the resident’s impression rating of the hotel, thereby affecting whether the resident will continue to enter the hotel next time. Therefore, the choice of hotel crystal lamp customization is very necessary to be valued by the person in charge of the hotel, then how should the hotel lobby crystal lamp customization What about the configuration?

1. The configuration of the crystal lamp in the hotel lobby should be based on the grade, decoration style and size of the hotel space.

Hotel crystal lights are divided into different grades and different styles and types. The choice of crystal lamps is also divided into different occasions. The choice of crystal lamps in the hotel lobby is generally more complicated. If you want to use it as the main lighting, you need to choose a larger one and have a lot of light sources. If you want to use it as a decorative lighting, it can be slightly smaller in appearance. There are also many detailed issues such as hotel room crystal lights, hotel restaurant crystal lights and so on. Regarding the choice of lighting, you can consult us, we are more professional in hotel Saintly Lightingselection and customization.

2. Determine which type of crystal lamp to use from the choice of light source.

Pay attention to whether the size of the lamp body is coordinated with the space, and whether the style matches the environment. If the light source is convenient to replace, use incandescent lamps (candle or swaying bulbs) and use less energy-saving lamps or LEDs to avoid color temperature changing the entire decoration style. It is best to use imported crystal or domestic high-grade crystal for crystal accessories. Although the cost is high, it can minimize the adsorption of dust, so that the hotel crystal lamps are always shining.

3. The crystal lamp should be cleaned, maintained and maintained easily in the future.

The general replacement period for hotel crystal lamps is 10 years. Due to the practice of small repairs for 5 years and 10 years for major repairs, the crystal lamps can be replaced at an appropriate time.

As for crystal lamps, generally do not need to be cleaned. Regular dust removal and post-maintenance are enough. Then you can find the crystal lamp supplier for post-maintenance.

In short, the choice of hotel crystal lamps is a technology and an art. The hotel lamps are selected to bring a warm and comfortable feeling to the residents, which will be deeply imprinted in his mind and become a hotel Loyal customers, so the choice of hotel crystal lamp is a very important part of hotel operation, whoever uses it well will take the lead in operation.
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