What kind of modern and simple lighting to choose?

by:Saintly     2021-05-29
It is also very practical to choose modern lighting based on these points. In addition to looking at the appearance of the fan light, there is a small detail that depends on the state of the user. At this stage, most modern minimalist lighting uses traditional low-voltage lamp bead light sources and simple fluorescent light sources, and making full use of the characteristics of LED light sources to design and develop modern minimalist Saintly Lightingis the direction of enterprise development. The perfect combination of modern minimalist lighting and LED light source has made it an unstoppable trend for modern minimalist lighting to fully enter the LED era. The difficulty of product research and development has increased. From the application level, LED modern minimalist Saintly Lightingcan be divided into two types: one is to change the light source, that is, to realize the simple replacement between the traditional light source and the LED light source; the other is to integrate. The integration of the body requires very high requirements for the quality and matching of the parts used. In other words, not all companies have the strength to develop and produce modern and simple LED lighting. On the one hand, my country is still in a period of large-scale urbanization. The continuous construction and expansion of the urban market contains tens of billions of home lighting demand. At the same time, from the first and second tier cities to the third and fourth tier cities, the domestic real estate market is heating up. It also drives the market demand for home lighting. On the other hand, in recent years, with the increase in consumer income levels, their personal and decorative needs for home lighting have increased. Home lighting no longer stays at simple Saintly Lightingneeds, giving birth to more mid-to-high-end home lighting markets. demand. The scorching summer solstice, what are you looking forward to, a ray of breeze? An ice cream? Or a cold watermelon? I want it all, but it just gives us a temporary coolness. When I was young, the old people often said 'the heart is calm and naturally cool'. In fact, this is not the case, but you all know that it is easy to get 'air-conditioning disease.' Now that it is good to change the fan occasionally, then the problem is coming, the big fan If the wind is not enough and there is noise, it still takes up space. Although ceiling fans can be installed, where can I install ceiling fans with ceiling lights? Because the silicon steel sheet stamped by the high-precision mold has high consistency and small product gaps, the quality of the silicon steel sheet directly determines the mute effect and stability of the product after assembly. There are also different blades, leaf forks, different specifications and sizes, including thickness and width, all have strict requirements. A slight change requires corresponding technical adjustments to the motor.
Whenever the question of modern light fixtures modern led lighting is raised, one comes across the term ''.
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