What kind of modern and simple lighting to choose?

by:Saintly     2021-05-29
It is also very practical to choose modern and simple Saintly Lightingaccording to these points. In addition to looking at the value of the fan lamp, there is a small detail that depends on the state of the user. What kind of modern and simple lighting should be chosen by different people? When I was young, the old people often said 'the heart is calm and naturally cool'. In fact, this is not the case, but you all know that it is easy to get 'air-conditioning disease.' Now that it is good to change the fan occasionally, then the problem is coming, the big fan If the wind is not enough and there is noise, it still takes up space. Although ceiling fans can be installed, where can I install ceiling fans with ceiling lights? Because the silicon steel sheet stamped by the high-precision mold has high consistency and small product gaps, the quality of the silicon steel sheet directly determines the mute effect and stability of the product after assembly. There are also different blades, leaf forks, different specifications and sizes, including thickness and width, all have strict requirements. A slight change requires corresponding technical adjustments to the motor. Nowadays, lighting has long been not only to satisfy the single function of lighting, but the aesthetics of the shape is as important as the ornamental. Modern and simple lighting provides a variety of combinations, which not only satisfy various functions, but also form a good match. Because the room is a place to entertain guests, one must be beautifully decorated. The room is equipped with modern and simple lighting or modern and simple lighting. You should choose according to the height of your house and your personal preferences. Your own hobby is good. Similar to other lighting, there are many materials for making modern and simple lighting, including plastic, glass, metal, ceramics and so on. Modern and simple Saintly Lightingfits the room. There are many designs and colors of modern and simple lighting, such as fashionable and high-end candle holders, modern and simple lighting, new Chinese modern and simple lighting, and modern and simple lighting. Some ceramics and glass have a long life, are not easy to age, and are quite trendy and decent. The metal supporting facilities on the lamp, such as screws, will slowly oxidize, and the selection time is generally around 5 years. Basically, modern lighting is suitable for new homes, bedrooms, kitchens, toilets, etc. For example, the height of the floor is above meters, and the wall color is forest green and light blue. Modern ceiling lamps can be used to make the light bright and broad, noisy and gorgeous; the height of the floor is below 3 meters, with creamy yellow or white walls. Modern lighting should be used to improve the wide awareness of the halls. When installing, it should be noted that the low-distance ground of the modern lighting of the new residence should not be less than 3.2 meters, and the width of the modern lighting installation of the restaurant should not be too low. If it is too low, it will become very congested, and it will also show an oppressive effect. find.
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