What modern lighting should pay attention to is the choice and collocation of light

by:Saintly     2021-06-03
Modern lamps originated in the early 1990s. In addition to their Saintly Lightingfunctions, modern lamps emphasize their decorative functions. A good lamp itself is already a good decoration and a good work of art. In addition to focusing on collocation, modern lighting should also pay attention to the choice and collocation of light. In modern lighting design, the function-oriented lighting system of factory workshops, schools, classrooms, offices, laboratories and sports venues is usually called general lighting or general lighting, while hotels, hotels, advertising, shop windows, dance halls, etc. The restaurant is called decorative and artistic lighting. At present, most of the domestic hotel lighting is five-star hotels. Generally, four-star and three-star hotel lighting design pays little attention to it. In fact, whether it is hotels, architecture, landscape planning or indoor lighting, they are all produced by customers facing different needs. This includes all aspects of modern lighting itself. Take a general ceiling downlight as an example. The spray quality of the cup (if it is metal, how is the surface quality), the smoothness of the reflector (if it is a frosted reflector, the uniformity of sandblasting), when the lamp is installed After the ceiling, details such as the tightness of the joint with the ceiling surface (gypsum board/wood veneer) (whether there is light leakage) and other details need to be noted. In addition to the lamps, the installation workers (craftsmanship) are also very important. In the decoration, it is necessary to ensure that the lamps are installed in the correct installation method. For the living room to meet and relax, of course, what is required is the bright and transparent light effect. It is better to choose the LED ceiling lamp. The white light can illuminate the home space in a larger range, while the bedroom and the study are more private spaces. , The warm yellow lights are the main ones, which will not cause glare and can create a warm atmosphere. If you really put modern Saintly Lightingin front of you, it is actually very easy to distinguish the difference between the two styles of lighting. You may not be able to tell, but you can know at a glance which one is a modern lamp and which one is a post-modern lamp. Because the difference between the two is still very obvious: modern lamps are more fashionable and in line with the modern mainstream, while post-modern lamps are more abstract than modern lamps and have a sense of art.
In an age when modern light fixtures is increasingly important, the researchers believe manufacturers should pay close attention to their results.
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