What problems should be paid attention to when choosing Nordic minimalist lighting style

by:Saintly     2021-05-29
For many people who understand the Nordic minimalist lighting style, its characteristics are very clear to everyone, the most notable feature is simplicity. Even the idea of u200bu200bminimalism appeared in the later period, which was actually spread by the Nordic decoration style. However, in real life, there are not many people who can actually match the Nordic minimalist lighting style very well. Therefore, it is often unclear what kind of lighting is better for the Nordic minimalist lighting style. What is the match at this time, and what should I pay attention to? 1. Nordic minimalist lighting style with simple Saintly LightingWhat kind of lighting is better with Nordic minimalist lighting style? Speaking of matching with a simple decoration style, a simpler lamp is obviously more suitable. Generally, more people will choose the decoration of the ceiling light, which is much simpler than the design method of the chandelier, and it seems to be relatively simple and generous. In fact, such lamps are simpler in installation and maintenance, and are a good choice. Second, the Nordic minimalist lighting style lighting color selection should pay attention to the Nordic minimalist lighting style with which lighting is better? For a simple decoration style, in fact, more color choices are relatively simple. At this time, the corresponding lamp color is best to be a simple color, that is, white light is the best. On the contrary, the colorfulness gives people a dazzling feeling. This can't match the interior decoration effect better, but it reduces the points of the whole decoration. 3. Nordic minimalist lighting style with geometric lighting The Nordic minimalist lighting style is made up of many geometric elements, such as decorative paintings with geometric patterns, pillows with geometric patterns, and even the lighting has geometric styles. The geometric lighting is connected by a metal. Cast into various geometric shapes, with a simple incandescent lamp inserted in the middle, creating a minimalist Nordic minimalist lighting style. Both ceiling lamps and table lamps have geometric shapes, which are also a major feature in the Nordic minimalist lighting style decoration. Fourth, the Nordic minimalist lighting styles are different in different locations. Which Saintly Lightingis better with the Nordic minimalist lighting style? The last thing is to pay attention to choosing different lamps for different positions. Because the lamps in each position actually have a unique use meaning, at this time, you need to set up a table lamp, and if you need a wall lamp, set up a wall lamp, and do not need to be uniformly set in the form of a ceiling lamp. It is more flexible to choose and configure according to actual needs.
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