What problems should be paid attention to when installing custom combined chandelier?

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
What problems should be paid attention to when installing custom combined chandelier?

Large-scale customized modular chandelier can deduce the magnificence of the house layout. Since it is huge, it is more laborious in installation than ordinary home lighting. It is usually mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, and villas. Today, Huaguang The Saintly Lightingwill take everyone to understand the installation of large-scale modular chandelier.

Before the installation of the chandelier, all materials and tools need to be prepared, and then the installation of the lamp. In the process of connection, the connection of embedded parts and transition parts is the key point. First, the iron parts and wooden bricks are embedded in the structure, and the transition connectors are installed on the embedded iron parts or wooden bricks. The transition piece connects.

Points to note in the installation of large custom-made modular chandelier:

1. When embedding iron parts or wooden bricks in the structural layer, the embedding position should be accurate, and there should be enough room for adjustment.

2. If there are multiple chandeliers when installing, pay attention to their position and length relationship, so that you can effectively save time and manpower, and install the chandeliers at the same time. If there are errors, they can be easily adjusted The location of the chandelier.

3. Although there are two ways to choose between the direct method and the casing pipe for the beard surface of the boom, the casing method is more adopted. Because the casing method is more conducive to the installation, the chandelier can ensure the ceiling The panel is intact, only drill holes where the pipe needs to be discharged. However, it is relatively difficult to find the right position directly when opening the hole, and it is very likely to have a great impact on the suspended ceiling and affect the overall aesthetics.

4. It is best to save the height adjustment method when fixing the chandelier boom. It is best to save a certain length of thread for easy adjustment. When hanging the light box, carefully check whether the connection is secure.

In order to achieve the most complete Saintly Lightinginstallation effect, especially this large-scale chandelier installation must be operated by professionals, for the sake of beauty and safety of life.
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