What style of modern lighting can produce good lighting and decorative effects

by:Saintly     2021-06-12
Modern lighting innovation is usually a response to social trends. In an unfamiliar environment, the use of new materials and the development of their potential potential will have a major and innovative impact on modern lighting design. There are two new materials. One is new materials, a fusion of technology and art, full of unknown explorations. The stretchability of the fabric and the light transmittance of the textile material determine that it can be drawn into complex forms, and light can diffuse into the surrounding space through the polyester fabric. The lamp made of textile material has a high look and feel. Other materials may not be new materials themselves, but their fancy uses can be new materials. Now, the role of modern lighting in the hall is not only to satisfy the single function of lighting, but also to satisfy the beauty and appreciation of the shape. Modern Saintly Lightingprovides a variety of combinations, not only can meet various functions, but also can be well matched. Since the room is a place to receive guests, it needs to be beautifully decorated. The room is the function of installing modern and simple lighting, or the function of modern and simple lighting. You should choose according to the height of his house and personal preference. Your own square hobby is very good. Similar to other lighting equipment, it makes modern minimalist lighting materials more textured, such as plastic, glass, metal, ceramics and porcelain. The modern minimalist lighting of the home modern lighting is consistent with the room. Modern and simple lighting has many designs and colors. The common ones are fashionable and high-quality candlesticks, modern minimalist lighting, new Chinese modern minimalist lighting, and modern minimalist lighting. The same modern minimalist lighting should be unified in shape, material and color style. At the same time, we should also pay attention to general themes, such as the modeling and color formation of objects (furniture, electrical appliances, etc.) occupied in all indoor spaces, which should be coordinated with the style of indoor modern lighting. For example, simple modern interior design is also suitable for modern lighting with design styles. Only a uniform style can produce good lighting and decorative effects. At present, the functions of modern ACTS lamps and lanterns are very diverse, including metal, ceramics, glass, and fabrics. From the overall style, simple lamps should be considered to create different atmospheres. For example, the choice of glass lamps can create a bright and delicate atmosphere, the use of electroplated inscriptions, metal made of electroplated chrome can show a stronger sense of modernity, and natural materials can usually give people a simple intimacy.
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