Why can only be customized for hotel lamps?

by:Saintly     2021-05-27
Why can only be customized for hotel lamps?

We all know that the application of lamps and lanterns is very important in the hotel decoration process. It can often affect customers' dining and accommodation experience, and can even directly display the overall grade of a hotel.

So, have you found that, under normal circumstances, the lamps in the hotel lobby, banquet hall, and even guest rooms are custom-made?

Specific reasons:

1. The design and decoration style of each hotel is different, which causes the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns to be unable to be mass-produced before the hotel decoration is set.

2. The shape and size of the lobby, banquet hall, restaurant, and guest room of each hotel are different, and the requirements for the Saintly Lightingrange of the lamps are also different. Therefore, most hotel lamps need to be customized.
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